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Clearing Blocked Drains

If you are experiencing blocked drains in your home, rely on our experienced plumbers to help. We are a team of local technicians that have been servicing Adelaide drains since 1975. With fully equipped Plumfast vans on the road, we can cater for your drains. With Marco and Electric Drain Machines, as well as HydroJet services and CCTV Drain Camera Inspections.

Plumfast Have The Necessary Technology To Unblock Drains

From jobs big and small, we can clear the drains

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Hand Held Cleaners

For smaller jobs such as sinks, basins and floor drains, Our hand-held drain cleaners can effectively remove blockages with minimal impact on the surrounding drains.

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Marco and Electric Drain Cleaners

This is the most common technology our plumber’s use to clear blocked drains. These machines are able to chop through tree roots or other solid objects and flush them away.

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For those harder to clear stormwater blockages, we use the hydro-jet technology, which uses a high-pressure water jet to disperse tree roots or any other blockages, such as sludge. We use the hydro-jet technology prior to inspecting the drains with a sewer camera.

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Drain camera

We have CCTV drain cameras to explore problematic drains if the blockage persists. These cameras have location heads so that we can pinpoint the exact location of the block, intrusion, or leaks. We can provide you with the video of your CCTV drain inspection for your own inspection.

Unblock Your Drains – Plumfast understands your struggle and is equipped with the most efficient skill and tools to help you out.

Plumfast Are More Than Just Plumbers


With a team of licensed, qualified, and skilled technicians, we can solve the problems that you face with your home's plumbing. We service the Greater Adelaide region, and more.


We have been and are industry leaders and trusted advisors, accompanied by the best warranties in the industry.


Communication is key, and we tend to do a lot of it. If the problem is complex, we take the time to explain it. If we make a mistake we own it - you don't wear it.

Common Drain Issues

The first step to unblocking your drains is recognising the problem. You can easily tell if you have a blocked drain by these common signs:

  • Smelly odours
  • Water draining too slowly
  • The water in the toilet is being sucked back after flushing

If you don’t see, or smell, any of the signs above, you want to prevent blocked drains with these tips: 

  • Food Scraps, oils and fats in the sink
  • Hair, soap scum and conditioners in the shower
  • Baby wipes, nappies or sanitary products in the toilet
  • Tree roots, garden waster and general rubbish getting into stormwater drains

If all else fails, seek a professional plumber to clear your drains. 

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